Monday, June 20, 2011


Grace Brewer is an adorable little girl with a mitochondrial complex IV deficiency which causes her to have very low muscle tone and very low energy levels.She is unable to crawl,walk,stand or sit unsupported.

Gracie's severe reflux and swallowing difficulties required that she have a nissen procedure and a G-tube,so she no longer eats food by mouth.Because of the low muscle tone in her throat,she still chokes and aspirates on her own saliva which requires constant vigilance. Gracie also has epilepsy and all of these problems have left her developmentally delayed.

Through it all Gracies is the HAPPIEST little girl with a fantastic personallity!!!!She is full of smiles and laughter,her big brother can make her belly laugh by just smiling back at her. She to babble,and all though she cannot yet say any words she tries very hard to cary on a conversation with you.she loves being read to and listening to nursery ryhmes.She,and loves beads and her favorite shows are doea the explorer and blues clues.
Graces days full and exciting for her with physical,occupational and speech,vision and the academic programs provided by the home-bound services of the local school district. She is blessed to have such
wonderful theropist and teachers that are dedicated and determind to teach her to walk and talk!!!

Mitochondria produce more than 90% of the bodys energy.when these tiny parts of the cell cant do there job,the body doesent get the energy it needs,resulting in a wide range of debilitating and sometimes fatal symptoms.Every thirty minutes,a child is born who will develop a mitochondrial disease by age 10.Most of these affected children will not survive beyond their teenage years.

 these numbers are continunig to rise.

Grace Lavon Brewer is my Daughter she is 5 years old and I love her with all my hart.
My name is Joshua Brewer.

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